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some fanfic stuff [Jul. 9th, 2006|09:38 pm]
[music |Take Me or Leave Me - Rent]

I just started this journal with the intention for it to be my fic journal.

We'll see how that goes, seeing as I have a problem finishing them.

I have ooddles that have been started. Only a few that have been finished.

I have several favorite pairings across many fandoms:

1. Maureen/Joanne from RENT (My most favorite pairing EVER)
2. Mulder/Scully from X-Files (My first pairing)
3. Harm/Mac from JAG (up until recently, my most obsessive pairing)
4. Elphaba/Glinda (My newest pairing w/Chenzel)
5. Elphaba/Fiyero (my most neglected pairing)
6. Harry/Draco from Harry Potter (Normally I don't ship HP but, especially slash, but my friend writes amazing harry/draco slash. she got me into it.)
7. Beatrix Kiddo/___ from Kill Bill (hard to find these)
And, yes. I am a Chenzel fan. (Anything with Dee)
Also, a Tracie/Idina fan but I've only found one of those.

I also write screenplays, mostly indy-feel stuff. But those won't be on here.

[User Picture]From: loves_idina
2006-07-18 10:43 pm (UTC)
M doesn't like her?!?! OMG, but she is just so HOTT! oh well.

I'm so glad that you thought it was disappointing too. Especially that stupid coin flip at the end! Where did they go??? I want to know!!!

haha. i guess that's why we have fanfic. XD
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